Friday, July 4, 2014

Why I like sales.

Do you know what I love about holidays... Sales. There are always wonderful prices around holidays or right after some. Either way crazy discounts apply.

Book sales are always top on my buying priority- I can't help it I'm a huge book lover.

I know people are often complaining about sales and how the markets are flooded with them, and to a  degree I can see a valid point, but I really don't see it any different than those annoying commercial breaks on TV. Which forced you to watch them, sometimes even if you flipped back and forth between channels- but it also helped get a lot of products out there. 

Those commercials even if you didn't want to see them were there when you went out to buy things and hey that 10.00 pizza you saw at Domino's on the commercial last night would be great for lunch today- even if you didn't watch the entire commercial...enough got through.

So maybe the saturation of selling products isn't ideal. Perhaps it's annoying as all get out. But in all honesty I wouldn't know about half the books I've enjoyed without seeing some of those promotions. Maybe I don't want to see just promotions, but I can't discount the fact that some of them showed me new authors or new ideas.

Today my publisher has my books on sale at 40% off. It's a one day sale and you don't have to buy my books, there are loads of different ones to choose from, I'm just putting myself out there. :)

Support some indie authors and go on over and check it out- find something to read over the holiday weekend and be safe.

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  1. I think sales still work. Free books, not as much, but a sale price does.
    And that pizza box photo is hysterical!


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