Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tease me Tuesday

I just adore Christine Feehan...she writes awesome characters. Right now I'm reading her Dark series. Dark Predator A Carpathian Novel.

My version actually includes deleted scenes. Which is the teaser I'm going to share with you - a paragraph from one of the deleted scenes only found in the version I'm reading...How cool is that?

First -Carpathians are her version of vampires, though they are not vampires, they are what comes before they turn into a vampire...example- 
Leading male has fangs, drinks blood, has magic- but can't see colors (Carpathian). The more he kills the more likely he is to turn into a vampire. He is Carpathian, not vampire until he has reached a breaking point. In order to stay Carpathian they must find their lifemate.

On with the tease....

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"They've all gone crazy," MaryAnn announced, throwing herself into a chair, pressing her fingers to her eyes. "Seriously crazy. I tried to talk sense into Manolito, but there's no use. They've challenged Zacarias and there's no stopping them." She lifted her head and gave Marguarita a mock scowl. "You never should have put your man on the back of a horse. YOu have no idea what you've done."

"How bad can it be?" Juliette asked, going to the window to peer out. "I mean really, what are they going to do? Put Zacarias on the worst horse in the stable?" She glanced uneasily at Marguarita. "Just how well can he ride? I don't want him zapping Roirdan with lightning because they played a trick on him. He wouldn't, would he?"

Marguarita shrugged, flashing a small smile. "He is quite capable of it."

"Great." Lara rushed over to the window. "Kentucky-fried Carpathians, all for some childish prank."


Have you read this book? The series? Any of Feehan's books? What's your tease?

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