Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday marketing - Takeover

I'm adding a new feature- every Monday I will bring you a post on marketing a book. It might be fast and dirty tips, trials and errors, guests posts, reviews of places I've tried, etc...

Let's start this one off marketing via Takeovers.

Every time I would glance through my facebook feed I would see 'Author Takeover happening at...' or some other variation. What the hell was an author takeover on facebook anyway?

I started researching, I attended several online to help me come up with a better idea of how it worked and to see if it was even anything I wanted to try.

My findings encouraged me. An author takeover via facebook is where an author actually takes over a FB page, usually book pages and sometimes other author pages. It can last anywhere from one to three hours.

The author plays games with the page's fans, trivia, giveaways, and generally has fun with that book page's community.

What a great way to put yourself out there!

Now it was time for me to try I made the leap. I sent a request to a book page I had been following for a while- one I knew had done author takeovers before. I let them know I was interested in doing an author takeover on their page and posted a place for them to look up my books to see if I was a good fit.

The page host responded and set me up with a date, it was about a week away. That gave me time to get things ready- I only chose to do an hour long takeover, because let's face it I have hardly any extra time being a mom, an editor, and an author.

I started looking for fun ideas to go with my books, for example- A Scavenger hunt (via pictures) to go with my pirate themed book. (Just google search scavenger hunt to find many different options to try to convert to online...)

And I decided I would do 4 giveaways total for the hour 1 every 15 minutes. Each giveaway I chose to gift out one of my books or a gift card and the gift card don't have to be a lot I did several $3 amazon gift cards.

I had it all set up in advance on a word document and saved it- even my introduction for the takeover to let people know who I was and what I wrote.

It was a blast. I had a lot of new interaction, gained a few new friends, and while I can't say it gave me huge sales, I did notice a few new sales and because I gave out my books, I found a few new reviews on amazon too- which is super important.

Since my first one I have participated in several others. I always find them fun. I will say though that it doesn't always turn out well.

One thing to note about takeovers is it's based on who is online during the takeover. I had one takeover that completely flopped, maybe three people participated. I still continued the takeover, but be aware not every single one is going to go like you thought, and many will never go the same way.

Suggestion if you do a takeover, always find new material that way people who attend all your takeovers have something new to play.

And don't forget to thank the host and readers for joining you.

Have you done any takeovers? What was your experience and what games did you play?


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  1. Not on Facebook, so not an option for me. But glad you've had success doing them.


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