Monday, July 21, 2014

Marketing Monday- Guest post from an Indie Publisher

Breathless Press is an indie publisher dabbling mostly in romance genre. They are also my publisher, home to my elves. There is a great author community there and the person who runs the company is very active with the author group and staff.

Please welcome Justyn Perry, head of Breathless Press, to the blog.

Thanks for the welcome Decadent. Today I'd like to talk about the amazon push.
Amazon pushes work really well to boost the rankings on your book as well as helps with sales. For those of you who do not know what an Amazon Push is:

An Amazon Push points readers to your book on Amazon with the sole purpose of buying a copy during a specific time frame (normally a single day or a few hours). During this time, their clicks on to the page, buying, and hopefully posting a review, will boost your book in the ranks. Once the book has hit a magical number, Amazon takes notice and begins pushing the book in their newsletters, email outs, main page, etc. After this happens, you are guaranteed to sell a few hundred copies.

This takes some time to plan. It should take you about 3 weeks prior to the release date.

Week 1
Announce on your blog that you are doing an Amazon Push for your book on the release date. Encourage everyone to sign up for your newsletter OR follow you on Facebook or Twitter for further details closer to the release date. You should do this no less than twice this week and no more than 4-5 times. Notify your publisher you will be doing this. They might discount your book on Amazon on release day to encourage more sales.  Post info about your book (a teaser or deleted scene, etc)

Week 2
Post in your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter almost daily (except for the newsletter) to remind readers to please purchase the book on Release Day via Amazon. Post a giveaway to those who send you confirmation that they purchased the book (either through a screenshot of the success page on Amazon or the order email etc) can enter. Post info about your book (a teaser or deleted scene, etc)

Week 3
Monday: Announce it again, remind people via Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, Newsletter & remind people about the giveaway

Tuesday: Remind people about the giveaway and point them to your blog/site for full details
Wednesday: Post about your book (a teaser etc)

Thursday: Remind people about both giveaway, Amazon push, and post about your book.

Friday: Send a blast (every few hours) in regards to the giveaway and Amazon push. You should have the link now, so be sure to include it.

Saturday & Sunday: Remind people about the giveaway and encourage them to send in their proof of purchase to be entered.

Week 4
Draw the winner and announce it (not the details of the winner) on your blog/website/facebook etc.

Rinse and repeat for other books.

Thanks for having me
~Justyn Perry

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  1. Never heard it called the Amazon Push, but that's definitely something all authors want to see happen. Thanks and nice to meet you, Justyn.


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