Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

I decided to share a little snippet of a revision. I had to add a bit different ending to Book # 5- A Whisper of Rue- and here's the start of what I decided on....

"Hello my child," a male whispered.

Rue flinched and pulled the sheets up to her chin. "Who's there?" She scanned the room. A golden hue moved from the window, taking the shape of a male she'd never seen before. All yellow like the sun with bright stripes of white in his "Dad?"

"Yes, my little Rue. I have come to give you a present."

Confused she tilted her head sideways. "You're dead."

You can find more tasters by clicking the link below....



  1. oh no, this is a big cliff hanger. LOL. I want to know what happens between them

  2. At first I was struck by the beautiful image imagined by your description and then tortured with what was going to happen next?

  3. "You're dead" that's some statement! You'd think she'd be a little more shocked! Great description.

  4. Oh! You can't leave us hanging with that sentence! I definitely have to know more. Great taster

  5. That's a wicked cliff hanger to be sure... Awesome taster *Thumbs up*


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