Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

"Malik you say. He is a strong one. Ugly as frog shit too. Come on in for some tea, child." Idis turned and walked inside.

Clover followed at her heels, noting her surroundings. The hut was simple. Leaf walls made in several layers to keep the weather out, a thatched roof, and inside she had a fire hole with a kettle over the top. A bed rested in the corner, and a small round table with one chair sat by the door. Idis shuffled over and plucked the kettle off the fire. She rummaged in a box and pulled out two wooden cups.
"What kind of curse did he twist on you?" Idis handed the cup over to Clover.

It warmed her hands and the steam coming off smelled of Jasmine blossoms and honey. "He takes my sexual desire and cooks it into a potion in order to change his appearance to human form. I've been in his debt for two years. I stayed in his home one night, out of the rain. I wish I would have remained outside in the weather." Clover sipped the warm liquid. It slid down her throat and her nerves calmed.

"That tricky beast. Not an easy curse to lift. We'll need several things before I can even try to untwist so strong a curse. Plus the help of Mother Earth."

"I'll get whatever you need."

"You need a piece of Malik, ginger root, basil leaves, deadly nightshade berries, and a lover's kiss."

Clover raised her eyebrows. "Deadly nightshade berries. Couldn't those kill me?"

"More than likely. However, we need its strength to help my magic unwind the twisted enchantment he put on your soul and as an offering of trust to Mother Earth for her help. For that, only deadly nightshade berries will work. We only need three. I have faith your body will handle three measly berries well enough. And for what Mother and I are helping you with, you should give freely of yourself, up to the magic. You must give in order to take; it's the law of nature. There's always a price, and Mother will claim it."

Clover gulped down a drink of the tea. How come everything she'd had to do today could kill her? 
~Tempting Clover Book 2 the trouble with elves~
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  1. Clover is really caught in catch-22 situation. What will she do? Is she strong enough to withstand th eposion and give her committment to Mother? A lot of questions she has to answer and do. Waiting to find out what she does.

  2. I think she'll go for it, nothing will change if she doesn't take a chance. Lots of description here, nice work.

  3. Mmm... "You must give in order to take; it's the law of nature. There's always a price, and Mother will claim it." It remains to be seen if she could really survive ingestion of such a deadly poinson. I love the flow and the rhythm of this taster, and the character of Clover.

  4. I love the images that you convey here. Nice job :)

  5. Artfully descriptive, such great imagery. Wonderful Taster. xo

  6. You have left me on tenterhooks. Wonderful imagery. Love your taster


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