Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

I decided to share a little snippet of a revision. I had to add a bit different ending to Book # 5- A Whisper of Rue- and here's the start of what I decided on....

"Hello my child," a male whispered.

Rue flinched and pulled the sheets up to her chin. "Who's there?" She scanned the room. A golden hue moved from the window, taking the shape of a male she'd never seen before. All yellow like the sun with bright stripes of white in his "Dad?"

"Yes, my little Rue. I have come to give you a present."

Confused she tilted her head sideways. "You're dead."

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Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Marketing- Twitter

I'm not a huge fan of Twitter. Matter of fact this is how I deal with twitter- I have linked it to my Facebook account. I know they say you shouldn't, but I have had better luck linking than when I didn't have it linked. 

Mainly because it posts more frequently I think than if I did it manually. See, I don't spend a lot of time on Twitter. But the readers in both areas are different.

Yes I have some of the same followers- but the vast majority of my Twitter followers don't have me friended on their Facebook accounts.

So I linked. Sue me.

I did manage to come across this great link though that has a huge amount of hashtags for writers.

How awesome is that?

Here it is- enjoy and I hope it helps you.

What hash tags do you like to use?
Are you a fan of twitter?

Friday, July 25, 2014

World Building- guest post

World Building with Melisse

I have new re-release of a book that is the start of a trilogy. I call it a steampunk spacewestern, and the world building got pretty elaborate. I thought I would share a little of my process.

In the initial stages of world building I make big picture decisions. I decide what I’m writing—paranormal romance? Science fiction? I write speculative romance fiction, but even in a contemporary setting you develop a world. Robin Carr’s Virgin River series has a very detailed setting and is a world full of wounded vets and hard working medical personnel.

 I decided I was mixing up subgenres with this story--a space frontier with a western pioneer feel, with space ships and tiny colonies on far flung planets. I decided both supernatural and paranormal elements would exist in that world. Overarching it all I have the background of a Terran Diaspora, of lawless places, of a recent war over slavery, of places where women are exploited and ‘might makes right’.

From the big picture I then have different settings. One setting is a mining camp under a bubble on an asteroid, another, a utilitarian space ship, old but well maintained. Later they journey to a green planet, with evergreen trees and snow. A log lodge is reached by small dirigibles ships.

I'm a visual writer, I see pictures in my mind. So as I start a new project I look for graphics to put in my file, pictures that invoke something of what I see internally, or pictures that inspire. I usually look at celebrity pictures because it is easy to find several facial expressions of the same person. For geographic graphics, I search wallpaper sites and graphic artist sites for fantasy and scifi pictures.

 I use a writing software program called Scrivener, which has a virtual corkboard for graphics and notes. I write on a split screen, with the corkboard always at hand. Since these pictures are only seen by me, I am free to download anything that inspires me.

For Starlander’s Myth I have actresses from old Western movies, Firefly and Serenity pictures, gas clouds in space, a Victorian little girl with ringlets, and Anne Gedde’s photo of a baby with butterfly wings.

Then I make lists to keep on my Scrivener corkboard: place names, people names, thing names. I might make a little map to remind me where places are in my fictional world. I put those in Scrivener under RESEARCH. I find lists are really helpful when everything is made up. Is that mineral called crist or cryst? Did they live on Charity Wells or Charity Falls? It is much less frustrating to have the answer a click away rather than searching through half your work in progress. Especially helpful if you make up alien language words that are easy to misspell. In that Krzsch or Krzsh?

Make sure you add those new words to your dictionary!

Some other things I did for world building—read some westerns for dialog. The TV show Firefly was great for that. Lonesome Dove, too. I wanted an older feel to the dialog. I also listened to music, fiddles, Stephen Foster—Here’s one of my all time favorite songs:  that I listened to while writing. (Iron and Wine has a fabulous version of this) Hard Times Come Again No More, Stephen Foster, 1854.

~ Melisse Aires

Coming this weekend to Amazon: Starlander’s Myth
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Asteroid miner Jack Starlander stumbles upon the illegal sale of a woman and child with unusual abilities. Jack once fought to free slaves and can't abide slavers. In the ensuing shoot out, two important men die. Jack, Sophie and her daughter and Jack's close neighbors are forced to flee to safety. Their journey takes them into deadly danger.

An Antiquarian with her own ancient secret, Sophie knows old stories may seem fantastical but have core of truth. She recognizes the mythic thread in the old Starlander legend. Perhaps his family's myth can save them.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Taste of Thursday 7-24

He loved the way her short skirt left teasing glimpses, though once he possessed her it would find its way to the trash. Evan looked around at the bar patrons. He stopped when he spied other men gazing at her. It heated his blood but he fought his jealousy back and pushed it down to the bottom of his stomach. He would tear out their eyes if they gazed upon her after he claimed her. Something ran into him and the smell of Kahlua wafted up to his nose. He clenched his jaw and forced himself to look. Wide green eyes met his. It was her. Her drink had spilled down the both of them.

"I am so sorry."

"You're so sorry what?" His voice came out hard. He knew what he wanted her to say and he watched her emotions flit across her face. First confusion mixed with shock, and then her eyes narrowed.
"I'm so sorry I spilled my drink on you. Perhaps if you paid closer attention to where you were headed..." She raised her eyebrow.

Evan shoved his hands into his jean pockets and his lip threatened to curl up at her words. A challenge. He already wanted her and his cock stirred at the thought of taming her. When he was sure his voice would come out just the way he wanted he leaned over, close enough to her ear so she'd hear every word. "Who are you?" He didn't move away. He had every intention of invading her space. Her body tensed.

"Catherine." Her voice came out breathy and his prick hardened a little more.

"Catherine..." He let the word spill from his lips, knowing she'd feel it upon her skin. She didn't step back. It was almost as if she thought she would be standing her ground against him. "I will give you forty-five seconds to get a napkin and wipe your drink from my shirt."

He heard her swallow. "And if I don't?"

"Let's find out," he whispered in her ear and took a step back. Her eyes darted all over the place, and only touched his gaze briefly. He kept his attention on her face, hoping it made her uncomfortable. She held some of the traits of a submissive and he would exploit them. Test them. Help her come to the same conclusion he already knew, she would kneel before him and she would like it.

~From my current wip.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Marketing Monday- Guest post from an Indie Publisher

Breathless Press is an indie publisher dabbling mostly in romance genre. They are also my publisher, home to my elves. There is a great author community there and the person who runs the company is very active with the author group and staff.

Please welcome Justyn Perry, head of Breathless Press, to the blog.

Thanks for the welcome Decadent. Today I'd like to talk about the amazon push.
Amazon pushes work really well to boost the rankings on your book as well as helps with sales. For those of you who do not know what an Amazon Push is:

An Amazon Push points readers to your book on Amazon with the sole purpose of buying a copy during a specific time frame (normally a single day or a few hours). During this time, their clicks on to the page, buying, and hopefully posting a review, will boost your book in the ranks. Once the book has hit a magical number, Amazon takes notice and begins pushing the book in their newsletters, email outs, main page, etc. After this happens, you are guaranteed to sell a few hundred copies.

This takes some time to plan. It should take you about 3 weeks prior to the release date.

Week 1
Announce on your blog that you are doing an Amazon Push for your book on the release date. Encourage everyone to sign up for your newsletter OR follow you on Facebook or Twitter for further details closer to the release date. You should do this no less than twice this week and no more than 4-5 times. Notify your publisher you will be doing this. They might discount your book on Amazon on release day to encourage more sales.  Post info about your book (a teaser or deleted scene, etc)

Week 2
Post in your newsletter, Facebook, Twitter almost daily (except for the newsletter) to remind readers to please purchase the book on Release Day via Amazon. Post a giveaway to those who send you confirmation that they purchased the book (either through a screenshot of the success page on Amazon or the order email etc) can enter. Post info about your book (a teaser or deleted scene, etc)

Week 3
Monday: Announce it again, remind people via Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, Newsletter & remind people about the giveaway

Tuesday: Remind people about the giveaway and point them to your blog/site for full details
Wednesday: Post about your book (a teaser etc)

Thursday: Remind people about both giveaway, Amazon push, and post about your book.

Friday: Send a blast (every few hours) in regards to the giveaway and Amazon push. You should have the link now, so be sure to include it.

Saturday & Sunday: Remind people about the giveaway and encourage them to send in their proof of purchase to be entered.

Week 4
Draw the winner and announce it (not the details of the winner) on your blog/website/facebook etc.

Rinse and repeat for other books.

Thanks for having me
~Justyn Perry

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

"Malik you say. He is a strong one. Ugly as frog shit too. Come on in for some tea, child." Idis turned and walked inside.

Clover followed at her heels, noting her surroundings. The hut was simple. Leaf walls made in several layers to keep the weather out, a thatched roof, and inside she had a fire hole with a kettle over the top. A bed rested in the corner, and a small round table with one chair sat by the door. Idis shuffled over and plucked the kettle off the fire. She rummaged in a box and pulled out two wooden cups.
"What kind of curse did he twist on you?" Idis handed the cup over to Clover.

It warmed her hands and the steam coming off smelled of Jasmine blossoms and honey. "He takes my sexual desire and cooks it into a potion in order to change his appearance to human form. I've been in his debt for two years. I stayed in his home one night, out of the rain. I wish I would have remained outside in the weather." Clover sipped the warm liquid. It slid down her throat and her nerves calmed.

"That tricky beast. Not an easy curse to lift. We'll need several things before I can even try to untwist so strong a curse. Plus the help of Mother Earth."

"I'll get whatever you need."

"You need a piece of Malik, ginger root, basil leaves, deadly nightshade berries, and a lover's kiss."

Clover raised her eyebrows. "Deadly nightshade berries. Couldn't those kill me?"

"More than likely. However, we need its strength to help my magic unwind the twisted enchantment he put on your soul and as an offering of trust to Mother Earth for her help. For that, only deadly nightshade berries will work. We only need three. I have faith your body will handle three measly berries well enough. And for what Mother and I are helping you with, you should give freely of yourself, up to the magic. You must give in order to take; it's the law of nature. There's always a price, and Mother will claim it."

Clover gulped down a drink of the tea. How come everything she'd had to do today could kill her? 
~Tempting Clover Book 2 the trouble with elves~
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