Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

"Rue, what's there?" Gage's low voice rumbled in her ears.

"Human fae," she whispered.

"At last!" The Elder rushed up beside her and handed her the petrified fairy dust. "Now what must be done with this?"

The glass ball weighed heavy in her hand and before she really thought about what she would do, her feet moved, walking around the tree. The fairies took notice and all of them stopped. Every little head had turned toward her as if she held some magic spell over them. The glass ball in her hand lightened and Rue glanced down at it. The dust had brightened and the movement increased so fast in speed it looked like tiny shooting stars. It compelled her forward and she obliged, one step at a time until she found herself directly under the weeping branches. The glass lifted from her hands. A blinding white light shot out from the middle of tree blinding Rue. She covered her face and instinctively knelt to the ground as if something bore down on her. 

"They are mine! All of them!" A hollow laugh bellowed from the elder and Rue looked over in time to see his hands move in a strange rune like symbol and the light disappeared. The fairies were swarming all around and slowly sucked back toward the elder. As each fairy touch him, he absorbed the creature, through clothes, skin, hair, whatever they touched they became a part of.

"Rue, tell me what's happening?" Gage asked, his voice straining.

"The elder, he's...changing."

"My dear girl, you have no idea. However will I repay you for retrieving my powers?" He snapped his fingers and Rue felt a thousand little pricks of her skin and then everything blurred together.

~~ This is part of what I recently wrote on Rue's story. The Elder seems to be all sorts of trouble.

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  1. Awesome! Give me more! I have to say I absolutely love your writing. It is both dark and wonderfully intriguing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a very interesting piece Decadent. Your story has an intriguing style.

  3. I love this story ! You had me hooked right away. Excellent taster

  4. Oh oh! Great teaser. Can't wait for more!

  5. Excellent taster and a real hook. More please


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