Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

The Elder had been chained up where she had found Gage. His skin began sizzling where the metal touched him and he hollered out, "What have you done!?" He glared at the two of them. He slowly put his closed fist to his mouth, opened it, and blew on it. Rue felt fire kiss her skin. He'd cursed her, without using any words. Everywhere the metal seared the Elder, it also burned Rue. She cried out as the Elder wrapped himself in the chains, baring down the pain. It cut through Rue like a wolf fangs and she screamed.

"What have you done?" Gage's voice high and filled with concern. Or perhaps she hoped it was concern. The burn slowly edged its way up her legs and arms. Her flesh smelled like ham cooking in a pot. She screamed out again as it rushed up her elbows, over her knees and hit her stomach and chest at the same time. Her breath came out in short gasps as she tried to bare the pain, to calm herself. It reached her lungs in seconds and it was as if lava had erupted inside her. She rolled over on the cool floor, unable to breath. Her sight full of tears and blurred. But she saw the smug look on the elder's face. Rue gasped when she found a chance to breath before the pain took hold of her again and she reached her hand out pulling herself closer to the Elder. Both male's attention on each other. Another searing bolt flashed through her and she pushed herself forward. She was within inches of being able to grab the elder.

~I just finished book 5 yesterday and named it A Whisper of Rue. It was difficult for me to pick something that wouldn't give the surprise away, but I don't think this gives too much away. I do hope you enjoyed.

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  1. Fab taster. I was right there, really gripped by the scene. I can't wait to find out what happens to Rue. Love it!

  2. I'm such a did an excellent job engaging the reader

  3. I could really feel her pain. Excellent!

  4. Wow, very vivid here. I like the way this story flows.


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