Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday Teaser-

"Like that, do ye?"

"Yes." Pepper didn't want to talk. She wanted to fuck. She ran her hands up into his hair and clung to him. His tongue licked up the side of her neck, excruciatingly slow, and a shiver ran down her back.

"Cold, love?"

"Pirate, say another word and I'll throw you down and have my way with you." Her voice came out deep, seductive, and determined. She hadn't even known she could sound that way. It empowered her and confidence beamed inside her. She stood taller and raised her chin. She wanted this elf. Wanted him no matter if he had had several females before her, no matter if he was a pirate. She'd have him regardless of any consequences, and she intended to sate her needs with the hard cock pressing against her thigh.
~ from Steele Your Soul



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