Friday, May 16, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday - an elf short-

The number one rule about playing in the elven realm, don't throw a curse unless you plan to get one back.

By the way, my name's Persi and it all started when Idis, the sage witch in the elven realm, gave me a crap potion...

"I turned into a human!" I said.

A chuckle escaped the witch's thin lips. "I told you it was not stable. Love potions never are. Need I remind you, young elfess, you enforced my making of it." She shuffled around the fire in the middle of her cabin. 

"Idis! I'm human. How do I change back?" I bit back a growl. The old witch was amused by my predicament.

"I can't answer that. It may wear off on its own, it might need a different potion, or perhaps you will be stuck as a human." Her eyes sparkled with laughter and I'd had it. She wasn't even trying to help me figure it out.

"I still have my powers." My voice came out a bit more clipped than I wanted. Hopefully I looked controlled on the outside, though I fear I may have overreacted. 

A little. 

Idis cackled at me, actually cackled! I had no alternative. "I curse thee witch, let fur be among your ailments, and your voice never your own." The magic warmed my insides, it was the last of my spelling ability, but I couldn't let her go unpunished now could I? I'm certain she twisted that love potion to do this to me. Idis isn't known for her straightforward working, magic, and the like.

Idis snapped her fingers. I felt a popping in my ears and then a jarring sensation. I stumbled back landing on my ass–– in the human realm! Idis was in front of me slowly shrinking. Short furry legs, a thin tail, pointy shaped ears. I giggled- what else was I to do, I'd managed to turn her into an elfing dog.

Though in retrospect, probably wasn't the smartest idea I've had. In the very next moment Idis growled at me, latched onto my calf, and my elfing leg popped off like a piece of plastic! I didn't even feel the bite. And Idis jaunted happily away with the lower half of my leg.
I looked down, and sure enough my other leg was plastic too. I checked my arms, again plastic. The only fleshy parts were my hands, my face, and evidently, all the internal stuff in my middle area. "Mutt face get back here with my leg!"

I hobbled up and fell, found my way to a standing position again thanks to a pole and started hopping after Idis the dog. 

When I find her, I think I'll owe her an apology...

Written by Decadent Kane (all rights reserved)

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  1. *LOL* That was so much fun! Never cross a witch. ;)

  2. That was greatness loved it.

  3. LOL, very good...need more! :)

  4. I enjoyed this a lot. Love your detail and the fun. :) Great flash.

  5. Lol that was great :-)


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