Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

Another peek at my drow king Mandrake....

The guard wasn't there, but an elfess with dark hair kneeled in the corner of the hollow. A rusted chain clamped to her neck. Her ears pointed to full maturity. White, nearly see through, cloth wrapped around her body, yet revealed little. He wondered if he got closer if he would see her naked body beneath the sheer material. His cock hardened. In wonder, he looked down at his protruding shaft. His arousal only ever came when he devoured an elven soul.

"Please, let me be." A soft female voice carried the words to his ears. He glanced up and clear blue eyes stole his breath. Mandrake stepped back until he found the wall on the other side. Tears leaked down her cheeks, hair clung to the wet flesh, and her very pink bottom lip trembled. He blinked several times and shook his head. The urge to brake the chains of the female slave almost consumed him. Mandrake willed himself to look away and move on. He needed to be free of the female. His disease reared it's head and roared to take her soul and his head fought the urge to get any closer. One foot at a time, he finally managed to move away. He turned storming back to his den, angry over his reaction. She would pay for creating such a feeling in his body, for the unnatural happening inside him. His fingers curled into tight fists and he clenched his jaw. 

Hope you enjoyed this taste of Thursday.
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  1. Mandrake's desire for the elven slave girl is so deep, yet he is in denial... I can't wait to see just how it all plays out.

  2. Very vivid excerpt, i was pulled right in!

  3. What will he do to get even for being aroiused the way he was? The tension was supreme in this scene, despite him relenting and not fulfilling his arousal.

  4. This is an unusual tale that really pulled me in. Nice post.

  5. Intense! Can't wait to see more of Mandrake.


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