Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

Rue slowly turned. The dragon she had watched come to life in the Elder’s hands hovered. It had grown triple in size and its flapping wings sparkled in the afternoon light. She swallowed and took a tentative step back. The dragon’s nostrils flared and smoke leaked out. Despite the size, the dragon looked sick. Eyes sunken into his skull and Rue could see ribs. Were dragons supposed to look so thin? She’d never seen one in real life. Large obsidian eyes stared at her, she could see her reflection in them. 

“Very inconvenient. Undeniably and inexcusable. What have you done to it?” The Elder appeared beside the dragon, out of thin air.

“To what?” Rue clutch the fairy dust to her chest.

“The mask child. It doesn’t work.”

Gage chuckled in her ear. Rue remembered his words. 

“That’s because only a female in my blood line can make it work. It’s not broken. You are unqualified old man.”

His eyes glared, yet he smiled. “Well work it for me then.”

“And what do you want with it?”

“Why to help you of course.”

Rue didn’t believe him. “No.”

The dragon huffed beside him. “I can make you elfling.”

“Do you see these ears?” Rue pointed to her head. “That’s right, complete points. Not rounded like a human. I’m no elfling.”

“Ah… what is this?” The Elder snatched the glass ball of swirling fairy dust from her.

Surprised Rue reached out for it. But he had it high above him in his fingertips, scrutinizing the glass.

“Fairy dust…” His voice slithered out.

The dragon roared at the elder.

“I told you not to trust the old man,” Gage said.

The Elder smacked the dragon's muzzle causing the beast to let steam from its nose. "That is enough out of you. I don't plan to use the dust on you, unless you make me." The Elder snapped his finger and the dragon dropped to the ground mewling in what Rue thought was pain.

Rue didn't wait for another opportunity she rushed at the Elder knocking the mask and the dust from him as they both tumbled to the ground scrambling for the items. She pulled at his robes and crawled over the top of him, almost touching the fairy dust, but he knocked her over and she rolled further away with a split lip. She licked it and the metallic taste flooded her mouth. She spit and noticed the mask, inches away. Her fingertips snatched the corner and she pulled it to her.

~From my current work in progress tentatively titled 'Rue'


  1. Wonderful taster. Your visuals are great. I'd love to read the whole book :)

  2. Exciting scene, very visual, loved it!

  3. Can't wait to read what you have in store for Rue, sounds Dragons! :)

  4. Very vivid imagery in this beautiful taster. I look forward to reading more of the story.


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