Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These 3 words

So, my friend Decadent Kane said she was trying something new with her blog guest posts. She’d give me three words I had to incorporate into whatever blog topic I chose. No problem. I looked at my words (Bobbin, Noodles, Chicken) then glanced at the topic options she suggested. One was Favorite Words and Why. I almost jumped on that horse and rode it to the finish line but then I remembered most of my fave words offend most people with their lack of politeness.
Curses! Foiled again!

And to be honest, I really relish a challenge. So let’s talk intimate scenes and the writing of.
There are different levels of penning the smexy when you’re a writer. We’ve got the Disney G rated happies where a kiss MAY happen. Maybe. But its generally near the end. We’ve got the PG, Over-The-Clothes GropeFest mixed with a few steamier type kisses, maybe the lead up and fade out to “The Climax” (in more ways then one!) Past that, we’re dancing through the rated R Zone: heavy petting, kissing, actual description, no innuendo type scenes where our couple finally consummates the 200+ page literary foreplay that’s being experienced up til then. We’re talking full metal bobbin’ and nobbin’. *grins* 

Then there is no holds barred erotica. Word porn of the highest order. I am an avid reader of such scenes, lurid, sexy, steamy pieces that can melt a girls panties in less than a paragraph. Writing them, however, is proving to be a different type of customer all together for me. Something in my ol’ noodle becomes skittish and almost shy when I sit down to write a sex scene. In all honesty, before I sit down to work on those, I drink a glass of wine, light a candle and type it up while sitting in the almost dark. Mood, baby, mood. If the scene makes me cringe, squirm and need a fan for my Hello Kitties, then I am doing it right!

The worst part is I have no “home office” area at present, so all my writing is done out in the open and I live in a family of “Readers over The Shoulders”. With mum and sister, not so bad. But when its my Dad or my baby brother, can you say “Awkward, much?”  The worst part is when they actually have better ideas than I do! I don’t want to even contemplate some of the stuff they’ve suggested!

The biggest thing for me, however, is the buildup. Hells and intimacy isn’t even about sex, necessarily. It’s about the masks we all wear and finding someone who allows us to let that mask slip, bit by bit, until our souls are naked and vulnerable. I love the scenes best where emotions are revealed, authentic and flawed emotions that make up that character and define them in ways no amount of KamaSutra’ing can. 

It’s not always about flicking the bean or choking the chicken. Intimacy is about stripping our souls before we strip our clothing.


Why did his touch still burn through her, make her heart skip a beat? "Trust you? Trust you? I'd rather take a running leap onto the face of the sun, Gawain. I trusted you once and you ruined my life. I trusted you once more and you helped kill what I loved. Excuse me if I find your use of that particular word ironic." She shoved hard against him, hard enough he stumbled back a bit, allowing her to slip from his hold.
"If Lancelot knew, he'd hate you as much as I do. They all would! The only reason he remains unaware, is he is at peace again with his heart. I won't disturb it for the world. So your dirty little secret is safe with me, husband." The last word spit out with derision, she gave him a cold smile. "Let me go, Gawain. It's easy. As for the blood link, simple solution. We can continue to provide each other with what's needed without being together. As black as your blood is, it does provide me with the necessary sustenance. But that's all you are to me, now. A food source. There is no happy ending for us. You botched that up proper. I have stayed my voice the last few months for Bri. For Alex. But I owe you nothing. So let me go my way!" She moved as wind, reaching down to snatch off one of her stiletto'd heels, her free hand shoving him back into the wall, mortar crumbling around them. Animosity spurred her on as she angled the heel over his heart. "Or I will kill you. I swear it. I will kill you and in killing you, I kill myself. That's how desperate I am to be free of you."

My Lady Decadent! Thank you for having me today on your blog! The honor is all mine!

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  1. M'Lady Elf Queen! Thank you so very much for having me here today! It's a true honor!

  2. Love it! And your use of the words was excellent!

  3. Love it! And your use of the three words was excellent!

  4. Love it! And your use of the words was excellent!

  5. Fantastic post! And it's so true. The baring of the soul is the most intimate.


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