Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucky in Love Blog hop

Go ahead and bet your elfin ear my elves are planning a serious gathering in the realm come St. Patrick's Day... But today let's talk about me and my top 5 Irish relatable things in my world.
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1) My Grandmother is literally half and half- half Irish and half German. The Irish comes from her mother and German from her father and when they got married, her German dad literally had to give up his wealth with his family in order to be with her.

My grandmother

2) Little people- I am a little person, my daughters are little people too- not in the sense of anything other than height. I'd technically a dwarf standing at 4ft 10 in tall, but everything about me looks normal other than how short I am. It's the same with my kidlets too. But in Ireland little people are a big deal, so big in fact that it's been known they refuse to build roads and such in certain areas because of their belief in the little people or elves of their land.

(wonders if perhaps it is my elfin heritage that makes me small)

3) My manly man's favorite color is green and every time he points something green out I always relate it to St. Patrick's Day and thus loosely Irish along with bright red hair- I don't get it either...LOL

4) I went to a Scottish highlands festival a while back for college. it was a ton of fun and I found out that haggis is not a favorite dish of mine and green is an extremely pretty color when related to nature.

5) A pot of gold- Now I'm sure you're think how did i get a pot of gold in my life related to the holiday.... but that's thing...I don't have it so much as I'm always searching for that rainbow that has the gold beneath...every one should search for their rainbow, mine happens to be elves and writing. My pot of gold is publication and one day actually making a living from it.

What's your pot of gold or your rainbow?


  1. Hey Decadent, great post. I had no idea you were less than 5 feet tall. So is my best friend. :) The gold at the end of my rainbow? I already achieved that pot. I have a fantastic career, a wonderful family, and survived cancer. I'm always open to a little more good luck and good fortune should the elves see fit to grace me though. ;)

  2. Great list! I'm only 5ft1 so nice to see someone shorter than me lol. I suppose my pot of gold is quite similar, being able to achieve success and make a living doing what I love most. Fingers crossed we both find it at the end of our rainbows soon (and watch out for the lepruchan lol)

  3. Believe it or not I seem to connect with so many ladies who are exactly 4'10". >.< Being a shortie myself, I tend to love them all immediately. Must be something super special about little ladies like you!

  4. Well, I must be tall. I'm 5'2 (and yes 'eyes of blue'). I loved the tidbits of info in your post. I didn't know about the refusal to build roads in elfin territory! Love that. :) There's a tidbit of Irish in me, but mostly Spanish and French. (My mom was half and half.)Dad told me his heritage is Cherokee, Irish and mutt....then again I believed ANYTHING he told me as a child. Even stuff like the moon would only shine if I went to bed on time. :) My pot at the end of the rainbow is to quit my day job and write full time. It will happen.

  5. What a fun list! I'd say my pot of gold is my two wonderful children, both in college now. Wow, where did the time go? So now I have lots of time to write, but I miss having them around the house. Love how you call your little ones Kidlets. :)

  6. such a cute blog! I am 5'1 my potof gold is living each day to the fullest and finding that silver lining in everything..

  7. My pot of gold? My three cats and my son. They are my greatest treasure.

  8. I really love to learn things about you and the Irish things. Wow. :) And I love your pot of gold. My pot of gold is similar, I guess, added with all the friends I get from it.

  9. Well, though I'm Irish, I'm 5'7". And my pot of gold is a happy family and successful life.


  10. I'm a quarter Irish myself, but my red hair comes from the half of me that's Danish! Viking blood is strong. My pot of gold is the same as yours. I'd love to make a living out of writing.


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