Friday, March 21, 2014

Inflamed- 100 word flash


The orange glow from my fire demon hair really knows how to put a guy off, well that and my ash skin. 

Until I ran into him...

He didn't pause when his ice blue eyes met mine. Step by powerful step he removed the distance between us. 

Broad shoulders.

Lickable biceps.

Silk black hair a demoness would die to run fingers through...

When he finally reached me, my heart stopped. He smoothed my hair with his hand and water doused me, all the way to my core. 

I orgasmed as he put out my flames. 

I never got his name.


Best damn group of perverts you'll ever read. Every Friday we write flashers of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture. The idea then is to comment on and support each others work.

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  1. WOW! Love this flash. Slowly builds to a delightful end!

  2. What a change from the beginning, but no name. Ugh! I need more. Where did he go?

  3. well done who was he ???? shall we find out???

  4. Woohoo, that was awesome!

  5. Steaming hot!! I wonder if she will find him. Who was he? How did he know of her true nature. Great flash!

  6. This is simply great! I can see your influences, and you created such a climactic image!


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