Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A taste of Thursday

Joren stood in front of her, tall, dark, and so hot.
"What are you doing, Tide?" His voice came out low.
Pepper looked behind her, the drow had stopped.
"She's mine, Pirate. Hand her over. You work for us. You have to do what I say."
Joren grinned. "Ye poxy bilge-sucker. I don't listen to you. I help your king. He pays me to carry the cargo, not to hand over ladies to you." His chest puffed out and he set his legs apart, ready for a fight.
The drow didn't comment. Instead, he stepped over Pepper and slammed himself into Joren as he stomped off down the deck. Joren didn't budge or turn around to watch the elf go. His features softened and he bent down on one knee in front of Pepper. Her heart skipped for an entirely new reason.
"Three saves in one day me beauty. You owe me." He smiled and held out his rough hand to her.
She took it. "Three? I only recall two. The crates and just now. Besides I had the drow under control, so really you only saved me from the falling crates." She smoothed out her clothes and flipped her hair back. She should thank him. But he was so smug looking over at her as if she was on the menu of his sexual dining experience.
Joren chuckled. A low sound that lifted his shoulders. "Three, elfess." He pulled her grandmother's bag of spice from his front pocket and dropped it into her hands. He winked at her. "Ifin' you had that drow under control, then what ye be doin' at me feet no more than a moment ago?"
Pepper raised an eyebrow. "You stepped in my way." She tucked the brown pouch into her pocket. She wanted off this wretched boat. She turned around and stormed away. The last thing she needed was to encourage a pirate. What did they do again? Oh, kill and loot or was it pillage and plunder?
A hand spun her around by the elbow and she found herself face to face with Joren and those blue eyes. He grabbed a hold of her chin with his fingertips. "Wait a minute. I don't even get a thank you?" He frowned.
"Thanks." Pepper set her jaw.
"I be needin something a little better than that. Tide will be back and I will pay the brunt of saving your sweet little ass."
"What do you want?" She tried to break free but he held fast.
"This." He bent over and claimed her lips with his own.

This is from my pirate story, Steele Your Soul, with my hot cad of a pirate- Joren- I can't wait to loose him upon the world and he's in for edits almost done.

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  1. nicely done...i definitely want to read more

  2. Wow! What a sensually tense encounter between Joren and Pepper. I love the atmosphere in this story so much I'd love to read even more of it. Well done!

  3. Um. How do I put this delicately? Um...more! Now! I love this!

  4. Why did it end there. I am dying to find out what happens next. Great taster

  5. I don't think she's going to put up with that! He's getting his face smacked for sure. Mmm....gotta love those pirates!

  6. There are many good things about this, Kane, examples - 'Steele Your Soul' as a title, pirates, a heroine called Pepper and the phrase 'poxy bilge-sucker'. A fun and sexy concoction. Enjoying it much.

  7. I love the tension between Joren and Pepper. The dfialogue is rich with detail. My best wishes on completion of your edits and publication.

  8. I adore your characters, their charisma, and their names! Oooh, you're good with sexy, sexy names. Great job!

  9. There's nothing like a good pirate story. :) Loved it.

  10. You are amazing and I love your work :)


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