Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

The teal pool of water sang to Amelia. It had since she was a small child. But the words were not the same anymore. Before they had an echo of joy, laughter, and happiness. Now there's a new note, a calling sound, beautiful, enchanting, mesmerizing. She followed the song until she knelt over the pool of water. It was beautiful, magical. A living entity among nature. The woods stood stoic behind her and nothing ahead of her mattered but the song. It brought forth a yearning, as if a man touched her, drawing desire out of her body.

Her skin heated as she leaned down and gazed upon her own reflection in the matalic teal water. She couldn't see the bottom of the pool, just the shifting colors of blue to green and green to blue, like bold colored dragon fly wings. She dipped a slender finger into the water. It was warm. A light touch, like a feather, tickled it's way up her arms, over her neck and then firmed as an essence kissed her lips. She couldn't see anything before her, but the sensation was real. She let herself go with it, enjoy it. A tongue slipped between her lips and she opened for it, the song carrying her on, encouraging her to keep going. Her nipples tightened against her black tank top. Her body arched wanting more. Then all the sensations stopped and the singing gave way to another sound, a growl.

~ Opening to my newest piece called Demon Song (WIP) 

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  1. Such a tease I was ready for the rest. Ready to sway to the music

  2. I was totally drawn in to the tender warmth of the moment. Beautifully captured in your wording. However now I need to know about the growl. Great taster

    1. I was hoping that growl would get to readers. :)

  3. Great writing! Loved your descriptions and could feel that kiss with her. But what is the growl about? Can't wait to read more!

  4. Excellent writing! I loved your descriptions and I could feel that kiss with her. But what is that growl about? Can't wait to read more!

  5. Good beginning. I love your descriptions of the pool's colors. Your image of the dragonfly changing colors from blue to green and then green to blue was a vivid image. Shifting colors, metallic blue green, all great descriptions to carry \your point across.

  6. This is good, really good. Full of colour and vibrancy - a fairytale quality, but infused with sensuality, the classic tale of growing up - losing innocence in the best way, by embracing feelings all the more enticing. The words work perfectly with your website... they wrap up the reading in a sexy mysticism.


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