Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

"You chose to give me the damn money. You can't turn around and blame it all back on me because you might feel a tad guilty over it!" She yelled and she didn't care. He couldn't take her sister and he damn well couldn't blame her for his mistakes. "I'm not the one who gained the elfing gambling debt to begin with." Cayenne squeezed her hands into fists at her side to keep from smacking his lovely face.
"You're right. I own up to the fact that I am the one who gained the debt. Doesn't mean I don't have to do my job. Birch wants Lily and I intend to hand her over." He'd come up to his knees as well facing off with her. His voice didn't raise but his eyes blazed.
She slapped him.
His turned his face back to her and she slapped him again.
"You made love to me last night and now you intend to let some drow steal my sister's soul. That's what the drow do, Hawthorn. They live on souls."
"Perhaps your sister shouldn't have gone there to begin with, Cayenne." His jaw clenched.
Rage took over and Cayenne punched him in the nose. "You won't take her. Get out of our house. I can't believe I let you in here. You were a jerk when we hunted that damn fairy and you're still a jerk, why did I even think you could be anything else." She stood and stomped over to the door, throwing it open. It slammed against the wall and tried to bounce back but was stopped by her hand.
Hawthorn pinched his nose to keep the blood from gushing out. He tipped his head back and slowly stood. He didn't say anything, just glared at her from the side of his eye.
"What are you waiting for? Get out!" She pointed a finger toward the sunshine bursting through the doorframe.
"Did you ever stop and think about what your sister might think, Cayenne?" His calm voice grated on every nerve she had.
"I don't have to, she doesn't want her soul ripped from her body." Her finger still pointed out the door. He had such nerve. Of course her sister didn't want to go, why would she? He could be quite the idiot sometimes, slow as a snail. He walked slowly over, finally taking his hand from his nose. Barely any blood had trickled out. When he came within inches of her body, he grabbed a hold of her waist and drew her into him. She struggled but his hold didn't break. She slammed her fists into his chest, and still he stood, stoic, with an iron grip on her. She wished she had the strength to break his arm, his jaw, anything that would get him to let go, anything that would help alleviate the anger boiling over inside her, tearing at her insides and threatening the hot tears to spill.
"Perhaps instead of fighting me, you should be more concerned where your sister might have run off to."

~ From my finished WIP- A Hint of Cayenne~ which is now turned into my editor so with me luck!

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  1. You can't leave us there. Will Hawthorne completely sil;ence her? You drew the attention of the reader with this explosive scene. Great continuity and dialogue. Best wishes with your editor's confidence in this story..

  2. Wonderful taster. I'm hooked on this story. The interaction is exciting, believable and excellently written. I love it

  3. So much temper! Great job letting us see and feel her anger and frustration. She's really lucky Hawthorne didn't smack her back, though! :)


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