Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Taste of Thursday

People began to stare.

"And what could you have done as his fist collided with your pretty face? I couldn't have that now could I?" Reed's eyebrow arched.

"It wouldn't have hit me, I would have moved out of the way. He was slow— I had everything under control. You men are all the same only looking to fulfill your own pride, make sure you're seen in the good light. I'm no distressed elfling." Clover took a step back, anger permeated from him. His nostrils flared out and his face began to turn the cutest shade of red. Clover resisted the urge to smile.

"Next time I will oblige your pride." He advanced on her, taking away the distance between them. His jaw clenched when he reached her. Clover moved backwards, wary of his intentions. His green eyes glared. "Are you worried now, Elfess?"

Her breath hitched as he crowded her and moved her further back until her ass found the counter. He placed his hands on either side effectively capturing her. She had nowhere to go. "I'm not worried. Why should I? You kept him from hurting me so I know you won't turn around and do the same thing." She licked her lips. She felt the wetness on her panties and rubbed her legs together enjoying the friction.

"No I won't hit you, but there are plenty of things running through my mind to appease the whip of your tongue. I should see to it that you are punished for your brazen words." He leaned in, his lips hovering above hers. Her breath quickened and she waited for those lips to devour her. "I could lick you until your mouth only said my name. I could let my cock loose upon you and have my way. I know you'd allow it- I can smell your desire, Elfess."

Her panties soaked, a tightness wound its way around her core and she desperately wanted him to punish her.

He stepped back and let her go. "But it wouldn't do much good since a harlot isn't my type. I prefer the kind of lady who sticks to one man not many."

Her mouth dropped. He did not just call her a slut. She didn't even know what to say. So many eyes were watching. He'd basically fucked her with words and left her hanging then insulted her. She'd been with one man in her life, but why should she tell him that? Let him think her beneath him. Clover saw him as the challenge he was. She'd seduce him, make sure he wanted her, no matter how many times she had to come back. At least her desire would please Malik. She advanced on him. "You're right, savior. I eat elves like you alive, devour them between my lips, suck out their souls, swallow their juices, and spit out their hearts." She gave him a sultry laugh. Her hands shook, her confidence was an act. She wanted to scream at him, call him a liar and defend herself, but revenge was better.

She crowded him right back, this time she walked him against a wall. "And you want me all the same." She leaned in, her pussy pulsed at being so near to him. She could feel his muscles tight against his shirt and his cock responded, hardening as she slipped her hand over his trousers. She resisted the urge to groan, to show him how much he affected her. She'd do to him exactly what he thought she would. If he intended to accuse her of it, she might as well prove him right. She let a gasp escape her mouth just above his. Reed's lips parted and she took the opportunity to slip her tongue between them and slowly coax his tongue to play. He tasted of mint and smelled of a spring rain, clean and fresh. She would eat him alive.

Her panties were so wet she could feel her juices moving down her thigh. She'd never realized how hot it would feel to challenge a man. The familiar tingle of the nether came over her in a slow sweep. She smiled as she pulled her mouth away. His eyes were wide. She slipped down to one knee undid his pants and pulled out his hard on. He was gorgeous. The nether was calling but she wanted to make sure she left an impression. She slipped the tip of his prick between her lips, gave his cock a squeeze to remember her by, and felt herself pulled into the nether, disappearing from the onlookers, the bar, and Reed. She wouldn't be the one standing there for the fall out and a laugh escaped her as she drifted leaving him standing there with the feel of her wet lips still on him as she vanished.

~I haven't been working on much recently being slammed at work- so I give you this taste from The second novella book I have published- Tempting Clover.

You can get it now and see what happens for $1.99

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

These 3 words

So, my friend Decadent Kane said she was trying something new with her blog guest posts. She’d give me three words I had to incorporate into whatever blog topic I chose. No problem. I looked at my words (Bobbin, Noodles, Chicken) then glanced at the topic options she suggested. One was Favorite Words and Why. I almost jumped on that horse and rode it to the finish line but then I remembered most of my fave words offend most people with their lack of politeness.
Curses! Foiled again!

And to be honest, I really relish a challenge. So let’s talk intimate scenes and the writing of.
There are different levels of penning the smexy when you’re a writer. We’ve got the Disney G rated happies where a kiss MAY happen. Maybe. But its generally near the end. We’ve got the PG, Over-The-Clothes GropeFest mixed with a few steamier type kisses, maybe the lead up and fade out to “The Climax” (in more ways then one!) Past that, we’re dancing through the rated R Zone: heavy petting, kissing, actual description, no innuendo type scenes where our couple finally consummates the 200+ page literary foreplay that’s being experienced up til then. We’re talking full metal bobbin’ and nobbin’. *grins* 

Then there is no holds barred erotica. Word porn of the highest order. I am an avid reader of such scenes, lurid, sexy, steamy pieces that can melt a girls panties in less than a paragraph. Writing them, however, is proving to be a different type of customer all together for me. Something in my ol’ noodle becomes skittish and almost shy when I sit down to write a sex scene. In all honesty, before I sit down to work on those, I drink a glass of wine, light a candle and type it up while sitting in the almost dark. Mood, baby, mood. If the scene makes me cringe, squirm and need a fan for my Hello Kitties, then I am doing it right!

The worst part is I have no “home office” area at present, so all my writing is done out in the open and I live in a family of “Readers over The Shoulders”. With mum and sister, not so bad. But when its my Dad or my baby brother, can you say “Awkward, much?”  The worst part is when they actually have better ideas than I do! I don’t want to even contemplate some of the stuff they’ve suggested!

The biggest thing for me, however, is the buildup. Hells and intimacy isn’t even about sex, necessarily. It’s about the masks we all wear and finding someone who allows us to let that mask slip, bit by bit, until our souls are naked and vulnerable. I love the scenes best where emotions are revealed, authentic and flawed emotions that make up that character and define them in ways no amount of KamaSutra’ing can. 

It’s not always about flicking the bean or choking the chicken. Intimacy is about stripping our souls before we strip our clothing.


Why did his touch still burn through her, make her heart skip a beat? "Trust you? Trust you? I'd rather take a running leap onto the face of the sun, Gawain. I trusted you once and you ruined my life. I trusted you once more and you helped kill what I loved. Excuse me if I find your use of that particular word ironic." She shoved hard against him, hard enough he stumbled back a bit, allowing her to slip from his hold.
"If Lancelot knew, he'd hate you as much as I do. They all would! The only reason he remains unaware, is he is at peace again with his heart. I won't disturb it for the world. So your dirty little secret is safe with me, husband." The last word spit out with derision, she gave him a cold smile. "Let me go, Gawain. It's easy. As for the blood link, simple solution. We can continue to provide each other with what's needed without being together. As black as your blood is, it does provide me with the necessary sustenance. But that's all you are to me, now. A food source. There is no happy ending for us. You botched that up proper. I have stayed my voice the last few months for Bri. For Alex. But I owe you nothing. So let me go my way!" She moved as wind, reaching down to snatch off one of her stiletto'd heels, her free hand shoving him back into the wall, mortar crumbling around them. Animosity spurred her on as she angled the heel over his heart. "Or I will kill you. I swear it. I will kill you and in killing you, I kill myself. That's how desperate I am to be free of you."

My Lady Decadent! Thank you for having me today on your blog! The honor is all mine!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

A-Z theme reveal 'Wicked Whispers'
You have heard the names...
You have seen their faces in the back of your mind playing out fantasies...

My theme will be 'Wicked Whispers'

Let's just say that my two favorite men will be along to show you the seductive side of A-Z.

Ladies, and gents if you are looking,

Coming up first dressed in his black leather, with those piercing blue eyes- I give you the dark and a little twisted Captain Hook

And my second main attraction, coming in ready to lick some pie from where ever you choose- I give you the handsomely broody and a bit tormented Dean Winchester.

The rules ladies are simple come every day to see what I can make them say...

Inflamed- 100 word flash


The orange glow from my fire demon hair really knows how to put a guy off, well that and my ash skin. 

Until I ran into him...

He didn't pause when his ice blue eyes met mine. Step by powerful step he removed the distance between us. 

Broad shoulders.

Lickable biceps.

Silk black hair a demoness would die to run fingers through...

When he finally reached me, my heart stopped. He smoothed my hair with his hand and water doused me, all the way to my core. 

I orgasmed as he put out my flames. 

I never got his name.


Best damn group of perverts you'll ever read. Every Friday we write flashers of 100 words precisely inspired by a given picture. The idea then is to comment on and support each others work.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A taste of Thursday

Joren stood in front of her, tall, dark, and so hot.
"What are you doing, Tide?" His voice came out low.
Pepper looked behind her, the drow had stopped.
"She's mine, Pirate. Hand her over. You work for us. You have to do what I say."
Joren grinned. "Ye poxy bilge-sucker. I don't listen to you. I help your king. He pays me to carry the cargo, not to hand over ladies to you." His chest puffed out and he set his legs apart, ready for a fight.
The drow didn't comment. Instead, he stepped over Pepper and slammed himself into Joren as he stomped off down the deck. Joren didn't budge or turn around to watch the elf go. His features softened and he bent down on one knee in front of Pepper. Her heart skipped for an entirely new reason.
"Three saves in one day me beauty. You owe me." He smiled and held out his rough hand to her.
She took it. "Three? I only recall two. The crates and just now. Besides I had the drow under control, so really you only saved me from the falling crates." She smoothed out her clothes and flipped her hair back. She should thank him. But he was so smug looking over at her as if she was on the menu of his sexual dining experience.
Joren chuckled. A low sound that lifted his shoulders. "Three, elfess." He pulled her grandmother's bag of spice from his front pocket and dropped it into her hands. He winked at her. "Ifin' you had that drow under control, then what ye be doin' at me feet no more than a moment ago?"
Pepper raised an eyebrow. "You stepped in my way." She tucked the brown pouch into her pocket. She wanted off this wretched boat. She turned around and stormed away. The last thing she needed was to encourage a pirate. What did they do again? Oh, kill and loot or was it pillage and plunder?
A hand spun her around by the elbow and she found herself face to face with Joren and those blue eyes. He grabbed a hold of her chin with his fingertips. "Wait a minute. I don't even get a thank you?" He frowned.
"Thanks." Pepper set her jaw.
"I be needin something a little better than that. Tide will be back and I will pay the brunt of saving your sweet little ass."
"What do you want?" She tried to break free but he held fast.
"This." He bent over and claimed her lips with his own.

This is from my pirate story, Steele Your Soul, with my hot cad of a pirate- Joren- I can't wait to loose him upon the world and he's in for edits almost done.

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