Monday, February 10, 2014

On marketing- Guest post

First of all, I'd like to thank the lovely Miss Decadent for having me. She asked me to write on a very interesting topic, and boy let me tell you, it certainly lit a fire under my theoretical rear end. "One marketing thing you've done that works. One marketing thing that hasn't worked so well. Finally, do you plan to try something new with this book?"

I think I'd like to answer the questions out of order in an effort to make a point.
One marketing thing that hasn't worked so well. I can answer that in two words—Not Marketing. I went through this phase for a while where I came up with every excuse in the world to do nothing in regards to my books. I feared treading that line where I was always up in people's faces text screaming, "Buy my book. Includes free puppy on the cover!" So I immersed myself in working for my day job. Would you be surprised if I said my sales barely existed? Well, I wasn't surprised, but I was disheartened. The disheartened led to a lack of desire to write ("Waaaa, no one likes my stuff!") and that led to even less marketing and sales. Don't be that guy. There are ways to market that don't involve "Hey, pay attention to me! I have a book for sale. Buy me!"

I ran a poll on my social media page, asking for guidance in finding a key word or phrase that people thought of when they thought about me. I received "editor, animal lover, animal rescue, Breathless EiC, and purple." Notice what isn't there? Out of over 300 people who have access to my social media profile, not a single one said "writer" or "author." Things had to change. I needed to remind people I'm an author, and in turn, that meant reminding myself. So I did what any writer does...I wrote. I have found that putting more work out, even if you don't shout loudly to buy said work, reminds people you do, in fact, have books for sale. This is my Marketing that has worked. Post an excerpt (a small one), laugh about the stupid mistakes your editor caught, throw key things out like "Whew, writing this book makes me never want to eat a cupcake again." Trust me, curiosity and camaraderie work wonders. 

Decadent's question did open up a good deal of internal struggle within me though. Was I playing it too safe still? What were other ways I could use to market that were new for this book. I don't have a great deal of money, so buying a billboard or expensive ad space was out of the question. I do have one thing, though, that I remembered with a smile. I have friends. I have access to word of mouth, if only I asked. And so I did. I asked as nicely as I could if anyone was willing to host me or my new release on their blog for a tour. I mentioned in the post the day my book was scheduled to release, and gave a time frame of when I'd like to play on the blogs. What was supposed to be a one week blog tour ended up in a two week tour due to the sheer amount of people who stepped up and volunteered their blog. I've had more than one person tell me a key factor in deciding to host me was my willingness to write whatever kind of post they wanted about whatever topic they chose. The point I'm making is if you want to be a guest, you need to act like a guest. Cater to your host, be willing to step out of your comfort zone of author interviews and excerpts. Most of all, be gracious and grateful.

Will this new marketing create more sales? I have no idea, but I can certainly say one thing; the sheer amount of support I've received has made me want to write even more, and we all know that certainly leads to more sales. ~ D. F. Krieger
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  1. That really is the secret - having an army of friends who can help you promote the book.
    Congratulations on your latest, DF!


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