Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I dare you- No excuses

It's not hard- just hit paste and publish...

Then go look at the newest review of my second book Tempting Clover CLICK HERE


  1. Damon went first through the crowd. Alicia followed closely, never taking her eyes off of his well rounded backside. With just a puff of his white button up shirt poking above his waistline, his ass was quite welcoming. His grey pants had been cut to perfection to present his assets in their most flattering light.
    From behind, a gentle whisper grazed over her ear. "Now, I don't need to be jealous do I?"
    Flustered and embarrassed, she immediately dropped her gaze completely to the floor.

    There you have, Ms. Kane. A glimpse into my latest WIP. M/F/M

  2. waaaa but I don't know it'll work- I had some copied to past in a new browser :( my teen would say I too much open :D I will go check out the review though :D


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