Saturday, February 22, 2014

Explicit 8 sentences

Erotic 8 sentences- you have been warned.

She screamed out in pleasure, the only thing she could comprehend was his body inside hers. He pulled back from her slightly, freeing her left nipple.
"Cayenne, I'm going to make you come again and this time, it better be my name coming from your mouth."
He moved both his cock and finger backward, out of her, kissed his way to her other nipple, gave it a tender lick with the tip of his tongue, then sucked on it. She moaned trying to move against him as he sat so still except his ministrations on her breast. Without any notice he plunged inside her again filling both her holes and bit her nipple at the same time. Her heart slammed into her chest as she quit breathing long enough for another orgasm to rage through her body. He grunted moving faster and she opened her mouth screaming, "Hawthorn!" as he spilled his seed again inside her.

~These are the last words I wrote to the novella I'm working on- A Hint of Cayenne.
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  1. I have to ask the obvious question. Is his name, "Hawthorne"? I hope so. :-) And it made me wonder whose name it was the last time she came. Quite visual. Good 8! :-)

  2. Like the bit of retreat before the final flourish. Tasty.

  3. Oh, I really can't wait to see what you've got planned for the A-to-Z Challenge! ;-)


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