Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cure- 8 sentences

"There's no cure." Yet his heart leapt. He kept his face calm and in control only raising an eyebrow.
"She can help. I've seen it done once or twice."
Drayden licked his lips. "Who?" Why would he ask if he didn't believe there was a cure. He clenched his jaw to keep from jumping up and shaking the answer from the gnome.

~From my current WIP 'Traces of Poppy'

You can read previous installments HERE


  1. I can picture his frustration. I'd kind of like to see him shake the gnome : )

  2. This is some great interaction. Reading snippets at a time is frustrating!

  3. He's one cool customer, keeping it under control like that! Good 8, great tension. :-)

  4. He's probably been disappointed before? Really a tense excerpt inagoodway, so much conveyed with so few words. Terrific!

  5. He certainly doesn't want to get his hopes up only to crush them. I could feel his frustration.

  6. Nice capture of a frustrating dilemma. But I do believe it is bad luck to shake a gnome.


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