Thursday, February 13, 2014

A taste of Thursday

The folded letter resting on the wood floor told Rue two things; first, someone had been in her tree house and second, it was only the beginning. As a lone elf living in this particular olive tree, clear out in the middle of Daisy Meadow, she assumed whatever was in that note held significant importance to find its way out here, practically the middle of elfing nowhere. She lived out of town for a reason, being the only lady private investigator didn't make her many friends. Males thought her weak and inappropriately working a man's job and the females found Rue "lacking." She grinned and bent down to pick up the letter. Lacking had never been a word she applied to herself and she took great satisfaction in not being a little prissy elfess waiting around for a mate to come along. She didn't need nor want a mate, she could take care of herself just fine and she wasn't afraid of a little self pleasure.

Rue looked around her home to check if anything had come up missing. Upon first glance, everything was as it should be. The bedroom door shut to her left, as she left it earlier. The kitchen clean with a single daisy sitting in a vase on the island counter. Even the den looked untouched, her files stacked neatly on the corner of her work desk and the hutch that held her mother's trinkets remained locked and lit up, as always. Rue walked around to check the trinkets anyway. They were all she had left of her mother and she never knew her father. There were four total. A cat with emerald green eyes and a white body curled up in a ball and a black dragon spreading its wings sat on the first shelf. A black and silver masquerade mask on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf held a small glass ball with a flat bottom and petrified fairy dust, which looked like a rock with crystals in it, only it randomly changed colors. None of it was valuable to anyone but Rue and inside, her heart pounded with relief.

She ran her slender fingers through her short white hair and took the seat at her desk. She unfolded the paper. An earpiece fell out and there was hand written instructions. Rue did not recognize the writing:

Rue Devore,
Put on the earpiece. No matter what happens, don't take it off. Don't fail to use it as a life hangs in the balance. Once the person dies, you're next.

~From a WIP I'm having trouble finishing.

I like the premise of this story and I have written almost 10k words on it but on toward the end and blocked for some strange reason, so I thought I'd start sharing it here and maybe your comments will push me forward. This is the beginning, start of ch 1.

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  1. You have me hooked with your last paragraph, the note- "Rue Devore,
    Put on the earpiece. No matter what happens, don't take it off. Don't fail to use it as a life hangs in the balance. Once the person dies, you're next." You definitely do have a great premise for this book. I want to know if ashe can find out who's supposed to die and can she stop the death.

  2. Oh I do hope you finish this. I'd love to read the whole story. Great taster

  3. I have commented so many times before about the style, cadence and delicate descriptions in your work. This one is quite a cliffhanger and indeed I think you should finish this. Perhaps her Mother isn't really dead and the petrified faery dust will have to be reclaimed to save her Mother......You have lots of ways to go in this wonderful beginning. And I am not at all clever about faeries and such. Loved it!

  4. Love the mystery you're making here. When writer's block grabs me by the throat I can sometimes shake it off by reading it from the very beginning. Another trick is to pick a character and write a conversation between you and him/her/it.

  5. An EXCELLENT hook! I instantly love this character, and goodness, the strange tone of this letter! I can't wait to read this one!


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