Thursday, February 6, 2014

A taste of Thursday-

Drayden cocked his head to the side. It sounded like it came from somewhere ahead of him. There weren't much for wild animals in the elfin realm, but there were plenty wild species. He took a step back as he saw movement beyond one of the trees and the crashing of something running through broken branches. A flash of red behind the closest tree and then she blinked in front, knocking him over as she ran out of her blink. The warm touch of her against him, even brief, set his flesh ablaze. His heart thundered in his chest and a deep sensation of possessiveness stirred inside him. She was his mate.

 The elfess barely saw him as she kept moving forward. Her wide amber eyes glossed with tears she hadn't shed. Her bright red hair frazzled in waves down her shoulders and back. He could barely see the tips of her ears.

He stood as quickly as he could. "Can I help?" he needed to reach out to her, his body screamed for it.

She looked at him but her gaze was frantic, wild. Drayden wasn't sure she saw him at all. Her petite form shook and she turned to keep moving forward blinking in and out as if she couldn't control the movement. A protective instinct sprang up from nowhere.

"Wait!" He started after her. "Let me help you."

The elfess turned and hollered, "Ya can't, no one can." Her voice was hoarse with an accent he couldn't quite place. She smoothed her hair back and then blinked, disappearing beyond his view.

~From my current WIP  'Traces of Poppy'

This is the end of my first chapter- how does it sound? 

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  1. It sounds wonderful!! I have not been a faery reader since I was a child, but these are NOT your children's faery tales. I love this and the tension is palatable, malable, frantically threatening. I love the Taster....must read more (note to self) !! xo

  2. You can't leave me there. Wow! This excerpt flashes right by with great detail and suspense. I hope he can help her, especially if she's his mate. Good job.

  3. I have to know why the elfess thinks no-one can help her. I'm totally mystified. Great taster

  4. nicely written good use of visuals.... lots of derails in a short piece like this one... hugs T

  5. Great description. I could *see* it all.

  6. This is amazing! Thanks for sharing this piece.

  7. Awesome! I love it!

  8. Very nice! Can't wait to read this one....


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