Tuesday, January 7, 2014


The worst thing I have done to a character is made her bait, no wait...it's stealing her sexual essence... or is it having the bad guy eat her soul...

It is so hard to decide! I'm not sure which one is worse out of these- what do you think?

I found the ideas lurking in my other characters. When I sat down to write the last thing I expected was a Goblin to need elf essence, for a bounty hunter to be so cruel as put a female tied to a tree covered in honey up for bait for his prey, or for a drow to want to consume one of lady elves. Those thoughts weren't planned, well at least on my end. 

Here I was writing my little heart out when suddenly they give me that wicked smile, you know- the one that says I'm going to do something bad, and they did! I was surprised by some of what these bad guys have done.
The idea belongs to the character...not me.


  1. I admire those who can make their minds go there!

  2. lol how fun- naughty characters

  3. Those pesky character sure can do some crazy things once you let them loose.

  4. Those pesky characters sure can do some crazy things once let loose.

  5. I believe you are confusing 'worst' and 'terribly interesting.' Always fun to hear about the abstract details of the process - lets the imagination run wild.


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