Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Topic Tuesday- Support

I plan to make this short and sweet. As an erotic author support can be hard to come by- but I have worked really hard to get where I am and my family and friends generally respect that- some more than others.

My immediate family are very supportive, specially my manly man- he has helped me persue my writing carrier to a degree I never thought possible and my good friend/mom type- Breeze- has been there for me every step of the way encouraging me always.

The biggest support is online- it's not the most productive, but it is a much more diverse variety and as a social creature I love that I have the people in my life both online and off.

Support comes in many forms, a review, a like, a comment, a share, a hug, a smile, a book bought, an idea bumped back and fourth, a beta read, an editor, a publisher, people are always my greatest surprise.

Thank you dearly to everyone who has helped me get where I am and those who encourage me to keep moving forward.


  1. I love the new look on your blog. Support is very important in all aspects of life. As people we are all gregarious. Authors supporting other authors is very important and I too am thankful for anyone who offers me suggestions, insight, or simply says they like something I've written or said. Positive feels bring positive results.

  2. That is what we are here for - to support and encourage one another!

  3. great post :) hehe :d I loved your "manly man"- but that's great he's so supportive

  4. Such a lovely sentiment. This kind of thing is so important, especially for genre fields (erotica totally counts, plus fantasy), where even in the age of nerd people look down on you. Rah rah, say I.


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