Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Wild Life

When she opened the message and looked at the photo, she nearly dropped her phone. Drake wasn't good-looking, he was gorgeous. She screamed again and laughed, practically drooling on her phone. True enough, he was wearing blue jeans. And only blue jeans. 

He was seated in a big comfy chair in a room with soft light that gave his skin a warm, tanned shade. He had dark hair, maybe even black. It hung down a little over his forehead in a way that made her want to reach out and brush it back. His features were handsome and his eyes, a rich dark brown, peered back at her as if they could see right through her. They gave renewed meaning to the phrase, "bedroom eyes." His lips were curled into a slight smile, inviting her, daring her to look at him. 

~The Wild Life by Persephone Jones

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This story is part of the Ravaged Volume 2 Anthology

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