Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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But when that loud music hit the juke, I knew I couldn't be imagining all of this. The juke lit up and music started pouring out of it, hot and heavy like the first time you ever get a girl alone to yourself, and I knew I couldn't be imagining this or making it up. I just couldn't be!

Some of the other girls, they stood up and started dancing together with the first one, and it was all I could do not to flip the table over with my erection. One of the girls must have liked what she saw because she came over and sat down next to me, none of this "Is this seat taken?" Crap. She just came and sat down right by me, and I was swallowed whole by the smell of flowers and heavy pollen on the air, and the sweet sugary scent of her breath. She leaned right into my face and kissed me, and her lips were soft, softer than any flower as they pushed against me. She gave a slight flick of her tongue to the kiss and then pulled me to my feet. I licked my lips reflexively, tasting the sweet schnapps, and for one moment, one jarring moment, there was also a chemical taste I didn't recognize. It was something so alien and slight, and even though it sent a chill down my back, I left it alone and allowed myself to be led over to the other table where all those college girls were sitting, my erection straining against my pants the entire way. 

~Pollen by Jo Williams

This science fiction shifter story is part of the Ravaged anthology. Click Jo's name to read a special post about it.

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