Saturday, January 4, 2014

Midnight at the Satyr Inn

"Hey!" London lunged for her phone, but Jacen caught her, holding her back against his chest as she struggled against him. Her ass pressed against his groin and the more she wiggled, the more his body became aware of her.

"Stop squirming. I'm ensuring our protection from exposure."

"Get off me!"

Jacen let her go. London faced him, brows furrowed as she made a great show of straightening wrinkles in her tank top. She obviously wasn't aware it only brought her breasts back to his attention.

"There was nothing on my phone because I didn't even think to take pictures with it. My eyes are up here, mister." She gestured at her face.

"I know where your eyes are." Jacen was temporarily mesmerized by the way her nipples had hardened beneath the thin cotton before his eyes. She also hadn't worn a bra. "Wasn't looking there though."

"Stop it."

"Stop what, being a satyr? It's a curse. One which befell me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, since you found me out as the lascivious beast I am, I'm just going to leer at you creepily to uphold the stereotype. Try not to take offense."

London crossed her arms, breaking the trance. He glimpsed her blank expression.

"You've failed. You look offended."

"You are so weird."

Jacen considered the criticism. "I've heard worse." 

~Midnight at the Satyr Inn by Rebekah Lewis

Click her name to read a special post with her very sexy Satyrs... And uh oh- they used my name in  a naughty way. Winks.

This story is in the Ravaged Anthology Volume 2

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  1. This story was so good Decadent and I may have only narrowly avoided a catfight over the all-star satyr cast....


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