Thursday, January 9, 2014

Life with a Shifter Top Ten Tips.

10.         The best neighbors are distant neighbors.

9.            You’re going to need a better vacuum

8.            I never thought the term ‘doggy style’ was insulting before

7.            “Make me” is not something you want to say unless you     really, really mean it

6.            Playing hide and seek doesn’t last long, but oh the rewards of getting caught.

5.            A rolled up newspaper is not actually couples therapy

4.            No matter how much you want that french fry on your mate’s plate, don’t reach for it

 3.           “It’s my time of the month” doesn’t mean what you think

2.            Your hear that people change after marriage, but this is ridiculous

1.            Your dream of raising chickens? Forget it.

She bit his neck and he was overwhelmed with sensation: her teeth on his skin, her breasts pressed against his chest, that bewitching scent, a sound coming from one of them, her he thought, that sounded like a growl. His cock throbbed against the denim of his jeans. He clenched his jaw and tried to stay in control.
He wound a hand in her hair and pulled her head away, arching her back, exposing her throat. It was her turn to feel teeth and she groaned when he bit her. He sat up with her still straddling him, bowing her even further, grabbed the collar of her shirt and ripped it down the front. 

~Awakening by Lucien Didier

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