Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flash Fiction Friday- The light

 Muffy Wilson's photo.

Days of torment. Nights with his hands wandering over my body. Never a release. I strain against my satin bindings.

"Would you like released, Bree?" His deep voice is amused. 

"Please, Michael." I don't know what else to say. I have already begged.

A wicked grin spreads across his lovely features. A ball of light forms in his hands. My heart pounds as the light rushes toward me, over my skin, inside me, licking, lapping, pinching, thrusting. Everything at once and my body quakes. My orgasm is wrenched from my body and I scream his name and ask for more.


Flash fiction Friday- write 100 words on the picture prompt- See other flashers here.


  1. I could feel her need to release her built-up desire. The subtle manner of eroticism was finely tuned. Excellent perception and story for the picture.

  2. Fabulous and hot. Loved your take on this picture.

  3. Oh I love this flasher! So descriptive with emotion and longing combined plus a hint of sex. I'd love to know more of this story

  4. Wow! This really needs to be a full story :D

  5. This is a stunning piece of writing. Initially, one is lead to believe that the torment is from bindings and fear of her capture when in truth, the torment is from within: sexual, raw, unyielding, demanding. Outstanding work, artfully written and emotionally mesmerizing. Her release was an explosive surprise :) xo

  6. Exquisite! I hope you will extend it!

  7. OMG! Perfect flow, and hot, hot, hot! Hope this is on its way to a novel.

  8. Fabulous writing. You pulled me right in and pushed me forward. I'll ask for me too. :)


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