Friday, December 13, 2013

~Ribbon of Darkness~

 Draven’s hand covered her mouth.

“Shhh…” He’d expected her to react and didn’t miss a beat. She struggled against him, the wiggle causing his cock to harden. “I mean you no harm, please, listen to what I have to say.” 

She was so close, it was impossible to ignore the havoc she wreaked on his hardened body. He defied the urge to push against her. To show Ribbon how much he desired her. The table was almost an invitation to bend her over. Ribbon nodded and Draven removed his hand, glad it had turned out smoother than he expected. She opened her mouth and a screech flew out.
  “Merde!” slipped from his lips as he was forced to replace his hand. She bit into one of his fingers, and he resisted the need to remove his hand from the pain. He yanked the finger loose of her teeth and set his whole hand over her mouth, forcing her lips closed. Despite the pain, he found her spark exciting and entrancing. She was a short Claus elf, and her dainty size packed strength he hadn’t expected. He could hear the stomping of running feet and knew her parents were headed his direction. He took a deep breath, clamped his free arm tightly around her, closed his eyes, and used the rest of the Christmas magic he had reserved to blink them both as close to the North Pole as possible. 

In his mind, he pictured the soft snow beneath their feet, the twinkling stars above them, and the chilled breeze. He tried to force them as close to the Pole as possible, but his magic dwindled faster than he thought it would. He must have used more magic keeping himself invisible than he had planned.

“Draven, dear, back so soon? I was sure—” Maple’s voice cut out. His eyes flew open. Shit, not Maple’s. Anywhere but Maple’s. He obviously didn’t have enough to get them both very far and it would cost him dearly. 

“Now, Maple, hear me out—”

“Who in Santa’s name is this?” Maple’s voice took on a high pitch. She crossed solid arms over her green leaf dress and sent daggers at Draven with a raised brow that would turn even the warmest elf to ice. With his attention on Maple, Draven let loose his hands and Ribbon slammed an elbow into his chest, knocking the wind from his lungs and causing a sharp pain. The unexpected hit dropped him to one knee on the floor of the hut and he reached up to catch himself. The last thing he remembered was Ribbon’s very solid fist slamming into his face and ‘Silent Night’ ringing in his ears.

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