Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Quality, Quantity, and ease

Over the last month or so I have taken part in as many blog tours for books as I was able- trying to help out as many authors as I could. I realized something about almost all of them. The exact same post was handed out to everyone. It’s because writers want to make it easier on bloggers posting about their book- but honestly, when I jump to a blog who is posting about the same book that I am, with the same content I have - I’m at a loss of what to say.

Which then strings down into quality comments. Is saying the same thing at every book blog tour site enough quality even though it’s only new to that blog? Is that really what the author wants? Once I have read one post in the blog tour- I check to see if the others are the same- if they are I skip over the post, or I might write something that pops up I thought about which I didn’t add to my post, but I don’t reread that same post and sometimes I don’t comment at all even though I want to but feel ‘fake’ in doing so.

I feel as though in the blogging world- at least my part of it- is so caught up in rushing through everything that no one is stopping to actually check it out.

 This is reality folks- we are living in a fast paced digital world where stories are now counted down to the characters of the words used and posting as much content as one can in a small space is what’s needed to move through the schedules of our days.

Which boils down to a question for other writers and authors and even commenters/readers- Would you rather have different content with quality comments on each blog post during the tour or a fast post and many of the same comments on all the blogs?
For me- I think I want quality over quantity.


  1. Good point! That's why I won't send the same thing to everyone anymore. And it's difficult to comment something different on the same post over and over.

  2. I enjoy different comment. Like one friend who's setting up a blog tour- she told me that she'd planned a post for the tour that was going to be about something taboo for my blog- given the buttons I regularly push, I appreciate her thought. And now reading your post here, I'm thinking, for the up-coming blog tours for two books I have releasing, I want to write a bunch of blog posts before even starting to set up the tours :D yeah, different is fun.

  3. Definitely a fan of quality and variety! The one I've booked seems to be offering a little of both, and it sound like some of the blogs hosting will be sending out individual interviews, so it won't be the same interview questions again and again. I'm hoping for good things in that!

  4. During my first book tour I wrote about fifteen different posts and it wasn't easy. When the second tour came around I already felt as if I had exposed myself raw and couldn't add anything new so I just did an overall. I think our scope during these events may be limited if our base stems from the authors blog. IMHO. Or is it really such a small world?

  5. Quality. But, I often find it hard to come up with new and interesting things to say!

  6. I agree with Autumn. I think quality is better, but at times I wrack my brain trying to put a new spin on the theme which is promoting a certain book. I like it when I'm given a topic as that really helps. So, when doing a blog tour I try to keep it fresh with every post to keep my readers interested and myself too!

  7. I'm more of a quality kind of a person.



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