Tuesday, December 3, 2013

~Fairy debate~

Today we have twin brothers Bowen and Cassian de la Rue  from the book Bloodrose by Lisa Casian answering the question of the existence of fairies.

“Of course they exist. We’ve met a few during our travels.” Cassian lifts his chin to Bowen. “Remember T’lan? She is of fairy blood. A nasty sea sprite we met about five centuries ago.”

“Yes. She is most definitely a fairy, especially when she’s…” Bowen cups his hands in front of his chest, looks at Cassian who’s scowling at him, and drops his hands.  “…human.”

“Fairies can change their appearance to lure idiot men to their deaths.”

Bowen shrugs. “She wants me. What can I say?”

Cassian smirks. “Don’t flatter yourself, dear brother. T’lan would lure the best of them. She almost got Colin, as I heard it.”

Bowen’s lip curls, turning into a snarl. 

“I also heard he saved your life.” 

“Don’t push it.” Bowen growls.

Cassian laughs.

“We were validating the existence of fairies,” Bowen begins again. “And I can attest to the fact that they do indeed exist and…” he shoots a glance at his brother, “are vile, vile creatures.”

“And they’re almost always female,” Cassian adds. “Well, there are male fairies, but they remain hidden and usually allow the females to do all the dirty work.”

“Yes, and these females do like to get dirty, usually without clothes.”

Cassian shakes his head. “You think of nothing but tits and ass.”

“No, not true. I think of staying alive.”

“Then you probably should stay away from T’lan, and all fae folk.” Cassian narrows his eyes. “As a matter of fact, you should stay away from most naked women.”

Bowen chuckles. “Yeah, like that’s going to keep me alive,” he mumbles.

“What was that?”

“Nothing. Nothing at all.”

By Lisa Casian
Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Release Date: November 29, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-77101-181-5
Heat Rating: 3
Word Count: 73165
Order from Breathless Press


Isabeau's life is haunted by nightmares her brother insists are a lie. Bowen's looking to revenge himself against his father while helping his friend. When they meet, all hell breaks loose against Isabeau. Can Bowen protect her? Is love ever the safe choice?

Newly convinced by a mentor to value human life, Bowen, a Shade Hunter, has withdrawn from aristocratic society in pursuit of the creature that made him into the evil that consumes him—his father. Bowen's plans are thwarted when he assists a wealthy earl in finding his missing fiancĂ©. He's drawn to the man's beautiful sister, Isabeau. Bowen soon realizes that their fates are intertwined and she's aroused a passion in him he'd never thought possible. 

Isabeau Harington has always lived in fear. Surviving an attack that killed her parents, she always believed the monsters would return for her. When she meets Bowen, a mysterious, charismatic stranger who drives away those fears, she learns that the very man she's falling in love with may be in league with the monsters hunting her. As a pawn in an Immortal's scheme, Isabeau must make the ultimate decision—love or safety?

About the Author

Lisa Casian has always had a fascination with the darker side of characters. When not writing, she enjoys learning about tactical fighting, zombie warfare, and various weapons of mass destruction through the gamers in her household. She has five of them. Bloodrose is her debut adult novel.

You can find Lisa online at:

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  1. I really do like Bowen. Thanks for having me. This was fun to write. =)

  2. Love this! It was so much fun to read. Congrats, Lisa!


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