Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dialogue Goblins VS Descriptions.

When I write I prefer description. Dialogue has been a weak point for me. I might have three or four characters speaking- but trust me when I say my first attempts at dialogue are astonishingly bad. I always have to tweak it to make it stand out like it should and I've learned how to do a more natural flow. I'm always willing to learn.

Tip: Dialogue- use contractions for better flow and less stilted reading.

I'm not real sure why dialogue kills me, but I have a sick sense it might be due to goblins.
 >.> Shifts eyes <.< 
As much as I wish I could avoid dialogue all together- I fear it would be detrimental to my story if I did.
Descriptions flow from me though, they keep going like a waterfall from my brain to pen to page.
Have you learned any dialogue tricks along the way?

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  1. I like your tip about the use of contractions and I agree fully. I think they give a better flow to the reader. However, most editors will warn against the use of many contractions. As far as dialogue goes, I think a balance of dialogue and description will keep the reader consumed in the story.


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