Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Beckoning. TT- Why write

Writing is not a want, it's a need. A burning from within that takes my breath away at the best of times and crushes my soul at the worst. It's both masochist and sadist.

Blank pages call to me and drive me crazy.

I need to see words written down in my handwriting. I need to create characters, worlds, plots, ideas, dialogue. My fingers pull the fiction from my essence and leave me spent on the page…

It's almost better than an orgasm.

I write for me, for fun, to entertain, to play.

It's engraved in my heart.

I write because it's a part of who I am, something I can't turn away. A feeling of fulfillment and loss all wrapped up in pens and pages. Never neatly and always beckoning.

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  1. Not quite 500 words and there's definitely room for expansion, but you did put it together quite nicely. =)

  2. I like it very much and it comes from your heart and soul. Very creative you are.

  3. I love your word choice in this- just beautiful


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