Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Topic Tuesday- Halloween Movies

My top 5 favorite Halloween movies. I don't know they are specifically related to Halloween- but I'd watch them on Halloween.

5) Hellraiser. -This is just good old fashion scary. The entire concept of this movie, specially the box, made me adore it.

4) Friday the 13th - I've always loved scary movies since I was little. I'd been watching Jason since I was 9years old. I can't say that he frightened me so much as entertained me. Love the chorus that goes to this movie and I even had the video game. LOL

3) Carrie- Ok this one bothered me a little bit because of how horrible carrie was actually treated and some of it really can happen- I think that's what get's to me- the idea of the truth in it.

2) Pumpkin Head- Oh my gosh I used to watch this over and over again. I didn't realize how cheesy it was though until I re-watched it just the other day.

1) Nightmare on Elm street- Freddy Crugar is my horror movie crush- He both terrified me and entertained me when I was growing up and I still enjoy watching his shows now.

Whats your favorite movie- Halloween or otherwise if you aren't into Horror?

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  1. Great list! Welcome to the group!

  2. Freddy ended up first on my list too :D

  3. I damn near jumped out of my skin at the end of the first Friday the 13th! And for some reason, I think I actually liked Hellraiser 2 more because it expanded so much on the mythology. Dad used to watch them all with me, so I have even more fond memories because of that.

    btw, did you see the remakes of Friday and Elm Street? Those are two rare instances when I wanted to walk out of a film 5-10 minutes into it starting.

  4. I liked Hellraiser. I'd love to pick Clive Barker's brain. Stephen King says when he wants to be scared, he reads Clive. Lol

    Love your list! Thanks for sharing.


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