Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Costume- Topic Tuesday

All right- I confess. I tweaked this a tiny bit so I could make a solid post this week. My favorite costume I have had since I was 16 yrs old- no joke.

It's a very simple cat costume- all black with crappy netting around the neck a pin on tail. Unfortunately I lost the ears...but the rest exists- in my closet- not sure I'll ever wear it again.

Sneak peak at 16-

A few years ago I really enjoyed dressing up as a pin up girl. My Manly Man enjoyed it too *winks*

This year- I plan to dress up in steam punk. Maybe I'll find another topic Tuesday to add it in. :)

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  1. The closest I've come to dressing up for Halloween is when I bought a Scream costume to wear to my father-in-laws house when I was asked to pass out candy. I'd just stand there very still and stare at the kids. It freaked them out and toooootally made my Halloween!

  2. I love your costume choices. Lol. I think my last costume was around 14 or 15, and I was a dead pilot. ...I think I was always a dead something. Wonder why? Lol

  3. fun costumes- especially since you have most of the cat costume


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