Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Writing Naked Interview with Kirsten Blacketer

Q: Do you write naked?  Why or why not?

I am sorry to disappoint all your readers, but no I do not write naked.  I've thought about doing that on occasion, but I physically cannot.  I write at my dining room table most of the time and that just so happens to be the center of all activity in our home.  My children would be traumatized for life and my husband would be so turned on that I would get NO writing done.  A pleasant diversion, yes, but very unproductive.  But if you want a juicy morsel of gossip then I'll toss you this bit.  I do sometimes write in costume.  There, I have confessed my sins.  Away with you, go read my book now and imagine me in medieval garb writing by candlelight with parchment, quill and ink.

Q: What is your favorite word?

I love words.  So much so that when I look up a term in the dictionary, I get sidetracked by the words around it.  Asking me for just one is wrong, like forcing me to pick my favorite child.  Ugh….okay, okay, I will pick one. 
Wicked.  It's always the first word that comes to mind when I want to say something is awesome or fascinating.  It holds a world of different meanings, depending on its context.  It can be used for good or evil, just like a sword, depending on how it's wielded.  Wicked sounds powerful, and intimidating.  It is sexy and sensual.  Decadent in the way it fills your mouth and sits on your tongue.  So yeah, wicked gets top billing in Kirsten's fascination with the English language.

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  1. Fun questions and answers! Wicked is a very good choice.

  2. I love words too - when I was younger I used to read the dictionary when there was nothing else :0)


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