Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sexy Saturday # 3

Today I give you Draven and Ribbon's first meeting:

Seven sentences from Ribbon of Darkness coming out this December. We are in Ribbon's POV.

Most of the really hot books she'd read left the hunks face off. She figured the better to picture him in her own mind. Ribbon considered picking it up for herself when she walked into something solid. The box fell from her grasp clamoring on the floor with a soft thud and books spread all over the small area between her and the unyielding mass.
"Excuse you," the haughty words rumbled out of a very masculine form. Her eyes slid over tight blue jeans, flexed abs straining under a white tank top, and solid arms crossed over a broad chest.
Sweet silver bells!



  1. Interesting, does make you want to know more :-)

  2. You had me from "tight blue jeans." I wouldn't mind dropping a box in front of him, myself. :-)

  3. Nice! Very vivid picture of the guy.

  4. Yummy! But, what's his head look like? ;) Great excerpt!

  5. Adorable and oh, so yummy. Now she just has to look at his face. I can definitely see him. Thanks for sharing

  6. Very nice, Decadent. I love the image of her looking at him from the bottom up. Love the tight blue jeans.

    I really like the way you have your blog set up too.. You have a great banner and I love the purple.


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