Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deleted scene from The Midwife's Moon.

I have a treat for fans of author Leona Bushman. She's graciously given me a pass into her deleted scenes and guess what I found?

****Spoiler Alert- For those who haven't read books one and two*******

Heather George stole out of her room and down to the basement. She wanted to get the serum right before another were was killed in Roxy's deathly trials. With a guilty conscious, she thrust the guilt of her daughter's near death to the side. Thinking of how her own daughter died as a result only lead to a path she didn't want to take. What if Roxy or Boris used it on Alex again? Life wouldn't be worth living then.

 As she crept in to the basement where the latest werewolf lay on the medical table, she listened carefully for any signs of Boris. Fear, deep, eminent fear of Boris filled her soul to the point of suffocating her ability to think. Maybe without him there she'd be able to do what Roxy wanted without killing anyone else.

 Perhaps, too, it would earn her the favor of Justin. A telltale flush filled her cheeks and she put her hands on to cool of the heat there. Why did she have to meet him now, when Boris took so much away from her? Then again, Justin gave it back to her. The physical beatings were less and the sexual battering had ceased on his command as Alpha.

 "Heather?" a deep voice rumbled out. 

The Midwife's Moon: The War of the Weres, Book 2

Almost as if her thoughts had conjured him up out of thin air, Justin stood before her. "Justin," she breathed. 

"What are you doing here," he asked quietly and came closer to her.

 Her heart raced and she felt about sixteen years old again. "I came to perfect the serum. I need to work without that boorish Boris over my shoulder."

 "He's not back. And when he is, you won't have to worry about him again," he replied.

 Elation filled her chest so she thought she'd burst with the relief and joy of not being treated like a slave any longer. Then reality kicked in. Roxy would let him. What Roxy said was law with Boris. "How can you say that? You know he'll do whatever she says." Tears. Roxy and Boris had reduced her to a frightened tearful woman like those she despised.

 "They'll both do what I say or suffer the consequences."


 He came so close she felt his breath on her forehead but didn't dare look up. "I promise you that."

 Now she did look up and saw the lust in his eyes. He wanted her. Not Roxy, her. She tilted her head up, angling for a kiss. He took her mouth roughly with his and she melted into him. Hadn't she dreamed of this, hoped for it? Justin in her arms. Wasn't that the real reason she'd stole down here in the night? Wanting him to find her and take her body? With a groan, she gave in as he pulled of her shirt.

 Without another word, she undressed herself under his watchful gaze. A side, sly smile crossed her face and she didn't try to deny it. Roxy had to seduce Justin to get what she wanted. But he wanted Heather as she could clearly see by the way his white pants pushed out. Roxy wouldn't be top dog for long.


Leona Bushman goes by many names but the most common one is superhero. She earned this name from saving a kangaroo from a tree—and yes that is as hard as it sounds. The dragons taught their queen how to write, and Queen Leona hasn't looked back. Even when her muse tries to muck things up.

She can be found goofing off and loving dragons and other creatures of the supernatural at these places:

Twitter: @L_Bushman

Queen Leona writes mainly for Breathless Press, and the bulk of her books are found here:

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The Ulfric's Mate*

Ravaged, Vol 1 ~ Barely There*

Rick Sexed Up the Doc ~ Naughty Nursery Rhyme

The Captain's Christmas ~ Cyber

Crimson, Vol 1 ~ Daryn's Slayer *my story is an historical vamp/wolf story

Serviced, Vol 1 ~ Over A Dead Body

The Midwife's Moon*

*Denotes The War of the Weres series

Coming soon from Breathless Press:

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Slow Burn ~Dead Man Walking special

Ravaged, Vol 2

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